Since 1993

We’re All About Improving Access to Healthcare.

CHHI is a platform set up to invest in the best methods of delivering healthcare. We have been successful and innovative in developing strategies that disrupt a lot of the current status quo.

Think Uber. Relying on technology, Uber came up with a better way to address the taxi business. We do the same for healthcare.

One of the biggest issues is access. We’re on it. Join us and be part of the future.

What’s Your Interest?

We have programs developed for dentists and DSOs that want to work in new markets and with minimal risks.

We have programs for primary care physicians.

We have programs for large and small non-profits that want to improve their outreach; hospitals; and faith-based healthcare organizations.

We have a program for fixed income return investors.

Let’s Talk.

Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation about your problems and goals.